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Facts about Bassam Al Selawi (Bassam Ahmad)

Date of Birth: 4. 12. 1970



Organizing different artistic activities: drawing, painting, photography, formation and synthesis and designing.
Raising artistic taste throw organized artistic awareness.
Using art therapy to treat physiological problems.
Drawing, painting, carving and making formations utilizing different materials (recycling).
Making expressions about human rights using drawing, painting and photography.



Bachelor degree of Visual Arts, Yarmouk University in January 1992.
Educational Rehabilitation (EP) from UNRWA Educational Development Center in 2010.



Applied Art Manager at Abu Dhabi Art Hub, from:- April 2013 –until now
Doing commission work for La Storia Museum in Jordan: 2012 – 2013
UNRWA as an art teacher- 2006- 2012
Lubna for decoration – KSA , Jeddah interior and exterior designer: 2000-2003
Rawdat Al Ma’aref School as an art teacher:- 1999-2000
Amman Academy as an art teacher :- 1996-1999
Noor al Hussein foundation ceramic trainer:- 1994-1996
Omariah School as an art teacher:- 1992-1994



A Training Course to enhance cooperation between UNRWA in Syria and Jordan and JICA, Japanese International Cooperation Agency.

Art Therapy.


Exhibitions and projects


Solo Exhibitions

July 2013 Rosewood Abu Dhabi
February 2014 Al-Serkal Cultural Foundation
April 2014 Sofitel Abu Dhabi
June 2014 Baginiskaya Gallery, Dubai Solo Exhibition
July 2014 Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Solo Exhibition
August 2014 Pullman Dubai, Solo Exhibition


Art Fair

September 2013 Beirut Art Fair
November 2013 Abu Dhabi Art Fair
May 2014 Sikka 2014
November 2014 Abu Dhabi Art Fair



December 2013 International Art Liwa Art Hub
April 2014 Up Cycle festival Liwa Art Hub
October 2014 Memory festival Liwa Art Hub


Group Exhibitions

September 2012 Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi
August 2013 Hyatt Capital Gate.
November 2013 Bawabat Al Sharq Mall / Abu Dhabi
December 2013 Marina Mall Abu Dhabi
September 2013 Arab Art month Art Hub
October 2013 Mexican Art month Art Hub
November 2013 Korean art month Art Hub
January 2014 France Art Month Art Hub
February 2014 Canadian Art Month Art Hub
May 2014 German Art Month Art Hub
April 2014 Scandinavian Art Month Art Hub
April 2014 Dubai Culture Authority Bay Avenue



La Storia Museum
Customize 90 life size sculptures of human figurative. 2012 – 2013

Workshops with ADMAF
A series of workshops especially for schools led by artists Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha. By decorating a gazelle (dhabi). Master the art of mural making and creating coins through the power of printmaking! June 2014

Sheikh Mansur Mural
Customize a mural by casting 12000 cubes for colored reins to create a portrait of the late Sheikh Zayed, the size of the mural is 3m x 4m , installed in Sheikh Mansur office in IPIC square Abu Dhabi. February 2014

Gazelles in the City
Creating 13 Gazelles life size sculptures and by collaborated with 13 internationals artists to decorate these Gazelles.

Break an Egg Campaign
Creating twelve 50cm by 35cm fiber-glass eggs so the artist use it as their canvas to interpret the concept of eternal youth and new beginnings. And they applied their own visual interpretations of the campaign’s concept in a range of mediums and techniques.

Bassam Al Selawi Creating Shadow Art
Bassam Al Selawi Painting
Bassam Al Selawi Creating 3D Illusion
Bassam Al Selawi Playing Music
Bassam Al Selawi Creating Shadow Art
Bassam Al Selawi Painting